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Large equipment hoisting move

Shenzhen Hong Kong move hoisting group was established2003Years(Shenzhen hoisting company phone755-88854300),Is one of the professional hoisting company in shenzhen area,Is approved by the transport bureau registered with independent legal person qualification of formal move large equipment hoisting transportation company,Company's business set equipment hoisting、Large(Precision)Equipment handling、Shift、Large factory whole factory relocation、Large(Big)...[More and more]

Qualification certificationThe enterprise culture

Service scope Services

The standard exploration、Design、Solution、The execution、Revision、The contract、The scene organization、Project execution、Check and accept、After-sale tracking process,Give you a set of perfect close-fitting process security;

A sound organization、Architecture and management system,The escort for hoisting is marked;

The project manager、Technical manager、A senior engineer、Lifting technician、Installation technicians with many years experience in technical personnel,For the project to provide a safe construction technology security;

Mop、Jack、Gantry crane、Forklift truck、The car、The complete facilities, such as scooter construction equipment200Multiple sets,Provide guarantee for the project comprehensive construction;

3-100Tons of freight,10-450Tons of crane,The tail scooter、Container truck、Drag the first class20More than one,For lifting、Move、Provide a vehicle transport;

Start on time,Construction there,Strictly according to the time limit for a project schedule or ahead of schedule;

Strictly according to quality standards、Acceptance criteria,Quality of various controls,Do security move guaranteed;

A sound system of construction safety、Transportation system、Personnel management system,And the sale、After-sales quality tracking supervision system,Specification provides a guarantee for the project;

The two sides communication for many times,Clear responsibilities and obligations,Normative contract,To ensure the legal responsibility of the project;

A sound guarantee for the project to reduce risk provides the basis,For the project running、Engineering、Equipment purchase risk insurance,Reduce the risk to the controllable risk coefficient;

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